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October 20, 2007 01:58 AM

So, the last post may not seem all that informative - it was designed to simply be a test of the database, to make sure everything was functioning properly once again.

I'm going to leave it up, because even if it's for stupid technical reasons, I resolved a long time ago to never take down posts and delete history, and this would open up a precedent.


So about a week ago the box on which patrickcentral.com lives was rebuilt by my hosting company, in a process that did not go too well. You can read about it at this link, but it requires you to create an account on the forums, which I doubt anyone reading this will do.

Long story short, they broke the hell out of Perl in the process of rebuilding stuff, and a lot of my homemade perl image compositing scripts got broken. This was fixed quickly, which was good, because I was directing a potential employer to one to see how awesome I was at creating perl image compositing scripts.

What was also broken, unbeknownst to me, but now knownst to me and as such becoming knownst to you, was my blog software, which is driven by mostly perl scripts.

What followed this becoming knownst to me was a harrowing series of ultimately fruitless support tickets, and ended with me upgrading the software and then manually hacking about 10 separate files - all of which will be broken again the next time Six Apart decides to push out some new version, but I'm back.

And there's a new comic to prove it.

This experience has gotten me once again dangerously close to jumping ship to Wordpress, because I have just never had to put up with this crap on the several Wordpress installs I've set up. Maybe its a PHP vs Perl thing, I dunno - I always liked Perl, but this shit is getting out of hand. Perl simply cannot be this fragile in a production environment, even on my shitty little corner of the internet.

Also, I absolutely hate Movable Type 4's new interface, which was one of the few ways I still considered it superior to Wordpress.

Then again, Lazy Patrick wants to chime in here and point out how much work would be involved in converting this blog, the comic, and their respective layouts and feeds and whatnot into a Wordpress system.

In fact, in my mind, he does so, and then brandishes a gun. I balk momentarily, and then he hides it and shows me a bag of Doritos and an ice cold Pepsi.

I cautiously reach for the Doritos.

He smiles, and puts the gun away again. At least for a while.

[shhon of a bhhhhiiitch]


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