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January 01, 2008 11:48 PM

Well, I told a lot of people that I'd finally have my grand, much-blabbed-about-by-me site redesign up by the end of the year.

The year nearly got away from me, but I managed to get a fully gussied up and mostly functional version ready yesterday, thus beating the end of the year deadline by some number of hours that my bleary eyes and exhausted brain could not calculate.

Anyway, behold! http://www.patrickcentral.com

It's Art Deco styled! It has enough drop shadow to kill a team of oxen in its tracks! It has widgety things!

For those of you who saw it and liked it, the "Under Construction" curtain that I put up for the 31st is available here.

This was an important deadline for me to make not only in a "Jesus, you've been planning this for a year and a half" kind of way, but also in a cyclical, sentimental way. My first "real" site, real in this sentence meaning "hosted with an actual domain name I owned" went live on January 1, 2001. (Yeah, 01.01.01, get it. IT'S LIKE THE DIGITS WHAT COMPUTERS USE FOR CIPHERING)

Anyway, here we are 7 years later, and I'm consolidating the insane myriad of pages I have, domains I have, into one central train station type setup - a concept that has been kicking around for years now.

So, the concept has been around a while, the design has been bouncing around my head for over a year - it's not quite polished up yet, but it's nice to finally have something to poke at, and look at.

I'm quite happy with it, and though I will be tweaking it some in the near future (replacing the Feeds window with a Colophon, etc) it is already so many times better than what was up there that I just want to boggle at it for a bit.

Anyway, not that this blog is good for much else, but that's the end of my self-promotion. Check it out. It glows blue.

[do you believe in miracles?!]


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