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February 13, 2004 02:16 PM

So, at least 3 people have seen this page in the past month. That's encouraging.

I've decided to take a nod from some people I know that have good luck with the blogging and am going to try and post a couple interesting links every day, in an effort to get me used to signing in and writing -something- without actually having to worry about coming up with anything on my own.

The theory is that if i'm posting stuff (almost) every day anyway, maybe eventually I will start putting in actual original words and thoughts, and maybe some glorious day years from now I may express a meaningful thought here more than once every couple of months.

Anyway, here's some interesting links.

This page was quite helpful when it came to learning how to wire up my ebay-acquired NES controls to a PC. There are several alterations I did in my final version - first was to use PPJOY instead of NTPADXP (ntpadxp is for chumps), and also I decided to use USB to supply power instead of the hard drive. This basically amounted to just hacking up a USB cable and stripping the red and black wires. This is a sweet page for anyone needing power to drive some kind of homebrew PC peripheral. Incidentally, for 8 bucks in controls, (thanks sean) and about 2 bucks in parts and wire, having 2 NES MAX controls for playing emulated Metroid is pretty damned cool.

This is just straight up comedy. Pork Chop sandwiches is just goddamned hillarious. It's the second one from the bottom.

So, that was the first episode of me trying to post interesting links in an almost certainly futile effort to get me into a frequent posting rhythm.

[thanks wil]


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on February 13, 2004 10:51 PM

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