June 29, 2005

PiLB International

It's been a banner month at Patrick is a Lazy Bastard International, and virtually no social emails have been returned since the last blog post, which was well outside even our lazy-bastard standards.

Your business is important to us, so we will find a PR firm to spin the following issues into somehow being the government's fault, rather than the inevitable result of lazy and corrupt management on our part.

Much of my time lately has revolved around job stuff, Athens-condo-sale stuff (weekends) and virtually every free moment beyond those that isn't sleep-related going to the one diversion social enough to be satisfying, but convieniently located within my home - World of Warcraft. I even designed our new guild's web page in photoshop while helping my brother farm up dragon scales. That is alt-tab skill, people.

There have been additional milestones that created enough time-vacuum to distract me from writing in the blog here and from communicating with people who aren't involved in any of the aforementioned job/familial property repair and sale/video game situations:

So, obviously, Patrick got married, and thus far it appears Vanessa has yet to come to her senses. If he can get her to co-sign enough binding legal documents with him, he may just be in the clear on that. I still maintain that the phrase "sweating ALLLLL down my body" will remain the one thing people remember about the entire thing. I only wish you all could have met that minister.

Mia's birthday plan did not go perfectly, but did not go disastrously either. On a semi-related note, I think the UPS Store on Hugh Howell Rd is staffed by the real-life person that Natasha from Rocky and Bullwinkle is based off of.

Last weekend my dad turned 60, and we had a lil shindig at Maggiano's for him. I'm still waiting on more pictures, but there's always the requisite cute one of Mitch. Amongst the other things occupying my time the week before were planning the event, including arranging the guest list and the mob-style private room it was held in. This room was oddly enough called the Corleone room, which was a bit of information shared to rousing laughter no less than 4 times during the dinner. There was terrifyingly enormous lasagne. A good time was had by all, excepting the moment where Caroline apparently wandered into the kitchen.

My dad's closing up his office in Tucker, and moving everything home, and since I'm the only technically oriented one in the family with fewer than 2 kids, it's fallen to me to wrangle the phone company into transferring the fax line, rewiring the house telephone distribution so 2AM junk faxes don't wake my mother up, and *drumroll* converting the main office line into my dad's very first cell phone. This has been a far more time-consuming project than I originally thought. So, I'm not just holding out on you guys. I do stuff I hate til late at night, when I play WoW to provide something my brain can have fun with, and that usually goes on so long I just want to pass out. Before, I'd watch tv or something and write in this here blog in order to make myself pass out. I'll be trying to find a balance between the two, as video games, watching tv, and blathering on in a self important manner to a questionably existant audience are all vital business strategems here at Patrick is a Lazy Bastard International.

Also, a large bit of time was consumed by me listening to this infernal remix of "Owner of a Lonely Heart" by Max Graham that Ray shared with me. IT PLAYS OVER AND OVER IN MY BRAIN.

Tomorrow you can expect a story about socks and psychosis. With pictures.

In the words of Randy Savage, Ahmmm Bayk. I highly recommend you all actually visit that link and read.

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